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Custom Services

in different areas
  • Medicine
  • Tourism
  • Juridic
  • Marketing
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Our partners benefits:
  • 15 years experience in the field
  • Great responsivity
  • Competitive costs and delivery
  • High production standards
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New software Tech

and Experienced team
  • .NET - Client/Server Apps
  • Project Design and Analisys
  •  Security and Data Protection
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There's no substitute for experience .                           -Latin Proverb-

About Us

Since 1998 our company is highly focused on client-server development, application analysis and design and project management.
Our company was growing step by step in time, because The Goal is Quality of Service delivered in time.

Our services

The technologies we are specialized into varies from online applications, mobile application to desktop application and server-side software. Although we develop projects in a large variety of fields, most of the successful projects are in the medical area

Great results

The activity of our company had been acknowledged and appreciated by our partners during the years. Together we approached small and large scale projects and were always opened to help them succeed. Our clients' success is our success .

Our Team

The team always has been focused on achieving the optimal performances by using the latest technologies and improving their skills permanently. We always liked to work with passionate people and managed to create a wonderful team during these years